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Trading Service

The status of Distributor/Agent in North America

Chang Jo ENG Co. In Korea

Chang Jo ENG Co. In Korea Steel Mill related machinery such as Payoff Reel, Roller Table and Cooling Bed etc.
Steel Mill related Cleaning Tank and Acid Tank etc.

Incheon Metal In Korea

Radiant Tube including F’ce Bung for CGL & CAL / Steel Mill
Burner Tube Parts

Kyung-In Precision Machinery In Korea

Design & Engineering for Gear Reducer

Stangenes Industries Inc. In USA

Pulse Transformer, Capacitors

Dong Bang Plantech in Korea

Steel Mill related Engineering/Design for POL/CAL/CGL etc.

Korea Toho Co. in Korea [KRST]

Brush Roll for Cleaning, Degreasing, Descaling usage in Steel Mill
Non-Tex Disk Roll
Ceramic Disk Roll

Korloy Inc. in Korea

Insert Carbide for Edge Miller, Cartridge,
Bead Trimming & Pipe End Machining

The Kiichi Tools Co. Ltd in Japan

O.T. Cutter: A light handy cutter
Morimitsu made.

Isolation Products Inc. in USA

Pulse Cable Assembly

Finished Projects


Finished Projects
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Team Members
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Received Awards

global business network

Besides the three countries that have been mentioned, we have a global business network that extends throughout Europe, North America, and Asia enabling us to procure parts from all over the world.

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