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Our Products

We have a global business network that extends throughout Europe, North America, and Asia enabling us to procure parts from all over the world.

Roll for Steel & Paper Mill

Tension Bridle Rolls
Pinch Rolls
Vertical Steering Rolls
Conductor Roll / EGL
Roller Table
Carbon Hearth Roller
Deflector Rolls
Revolver Roller
Hold Down Rolls

Rolls for Non-Tex & Ceramic Disk

Non-Woven Rolls Series
Ceramic Roll Series
Brush Roll Series

*Non-Tex Disk Roll applied to Various Roll in Automotive, Steel, Metal, Paper Indus

Radiant Tube & Recuperator

Burner Nozzle
Burner Tube

Gear & Reducer

Miter Gear Ass’y

Steel/Paper Mill Related Products

Payoff / Tension Reel
Bearing Sub Ass’y
Cooling Bed
Chain Conveyor
Coil Skid Car
Coil Car
Furnace Insulation&Seal

Pulse Transformer & Pulse Cable Ass’y

Cutting Tools

Turning Inserts
Milling Inserts
Drill Inserts
High Speed Milling Cutter
Manual Cutter / OT cutter (Made in Japan)


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